Who Knew I’d Become an Innovator

Here it goes, i’m a changed person in just 8 weeks.

Who do I have to convince still that education and learning is the MOST important investment? I mean, are the politicians in the news understanding this… the parents… are the students even understanding this?! It’s created a way to be innovative.

I’ve changed my way of thinking; my brain has been innovated with new ideas these past few weeks and not with just technology.

First, I’ve decided that I no longer even like the term student, actually. I like the term learner. From now on I will be referring to all “students” as learners. A student is defined as being a person who studies at a school or college institution. BUT a learner is anyone, anywhere, at any time. A learner is what we all are. There should be no limits or restrictions placed on a learner.

A school suffers from placing too many restrictions. A school suffers from not being innovative enough.

The thing about being an innovator is you are constantly reevaluating your techniques and capabilities.

Is there some way I could do this that is more efficient or simply better?

An innovator isn’t afraid of change… and knows the benefit of taking risks to change things. We are not educators to sit stagnant at our desks and let children teach themselves. No. We are educators to challenge and encourage our learners, but not with the same routine each year. We are educators that ask questions and develop the answers. As innovative educators (what we are called to be), we should be developing and redeveloping. Asking our learners for feedback – true, honest feedback. I mean, teachers give their learners constant feedback daily.

What’s working, what’s not? How do you know? How can you tell? Where is this headed? Does it need improvement?

As educators we need to not put ourselves first and put our learners first.

Photo – CC By Kaylee

Honestly, this entire course of digital literacy has got me to realize the importance of being an innovator. I’ve created my very own personal learning network that I can use to communicate with other professionals and the best part is that they actually communicate back! It’s amazing! No way i’m giving up my social media when I’ve already started! It’s all opened my eyes to see that there is so much more out there than I ever could have imagined. For example… Canva… I love it and I want to use it in my classroom! Shout out to those creative, innovators!

The more I seek, the more I find.

I mean, I also always said I wanted to start blogging… but I always used the excuse, “I’m too busy”. Now that i’m blogging… i’m not stopping. Blogging has opened up a door of possibilities that just 8 weeks ago I didn’t even realize were there. I have a voice here, even if no one is reading.

So, when asked if I have changed… the answer is yes. I’ve come to value the need for innovation. The need to seek progress through an innovative mindset.

I have unlearned that there is no need for change. I have unlearned that teachers are smarter than their learners. I have unlearned that failure is not an option, because it is and we will fail.

I believe that we unlearn and we learn. Everyone, everywhere, at all times. I also believe that I still have a lot to learn. But i’m excited about that because learning excites me. Learning is extraordinary and I want to be extraordinary. A person finished with learning is a boring person, sorry if that offends you, but it’s true.

A person who believes that he or she has found all of the answers has stopped living.

Do I have all of the details to my future? Of course not, only God has that answer. Can I tell you that my future holds teaching… teaching a lot. You bet. But my future ALSO holds learning. Learning more than I am teaching, because I need and want to be an innovative educator.

No one wants to be the boring teacher that opens their cabinet drawer and pulls out that same, old worksheet they’ve been using for the previous 22 years. Congratulations, that teacher has officially bored over two decades of learners. I’m going to be the innovator and i’m going to be the teacher who’s remembered.

So my question to leave you with now is, where is your life heading? How can you progress it further… improve it for the better?

Happy innovating! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Who Knew I’d Become an Innovator

  1. Afton, this is a great post! I appreciate that you are challenging the traditional because you know there is better. I love that you are calling students “learners” now. I think its fantastically, innovative thinking. Your point about feedback is great too! I believe feedback is so so important. It helps us and our learners be more effective. From your writing, I am confident you will create an environment for your learners to learn, grow, and shine! So enjoyed reading!

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    1. Thanks Cara for the kind words! Not saying that i’ve always known there is better, that’s definitely something i’ve had to unlearn… but I know there can always be better now! It’s been a great ride of learning and unlearning these past few weeks. 🙂

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  2. Afton, I have loved reading your blogs all summer because you are such an inspiring person and you write in a way that makes me wan to go out there and do something; to make a difference. In the this post, my favorite line by far was, “A person who believes that he or she has found all of the answers has stopped living.” This is such a powerful statement because it reminds us all life is nothing if you’re not learning. Great job, girly!

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  3. Thanks Mary Anne, you are too sweet! You’re blogs have been fun to read as well! I really do believe that a person has stopped living if they’ve stopped learning. I mean there is SO much to learn out there how can one not want to know everything there is to know?! The amount of information is baffling that one can learn, the learner just has to be motivated to… live 🙂



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