Daily Create Days 12-18

Here’s a rap up for this week’s daily create!

Day 12: Into the Sun.

Day 13: Upside down day!

upside down

Day 14: Draw the house you grew up in.

I’m an awful drawer… this was the best of my three different attempts. haha!

house drawing

Day 15: Bridge over troubled water.

This is the bridge over the dam at Sylvan Lake I just went to! The water just drops off.

bridge over troubled water

Day 16: Write this short story…

dog and monkey

Dog: You know my sense of smell is stronger than yours… I may cough up my food from breakfast… get it away! Get it away!!

Day 17: One special, lone tree.

This is the only crab apple tree in my grandmother’s yard… and I love it!

lone tree

Day 18: (Extra)ordinary Video

Turning one is extraordinary! 😉



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