Digital Activism

Activists still march, protest, and proclaim their beliefs… but now there is a new way exploiting. It’s the use of digital devices and social media to actively campaign or protest.

Is it beneficial or not? That’s up to the user.

I, personally, have been a digital activist. During my senior year of high school I ran for an office position with the student-lead, non-profit organization FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community leaders of America). This is when I first created a twitter account.

When using twitter I was not very comfortable with it until I kept using it. Most of the time I would update my followers about the new ideas, goal statuses, and events that would be going on at the time. I also would continually preach about the organizations that we donated to – Children’s Miracle Network, No Kid Hungry, etc. Our goal was of course to make the nation better.

Digital activism has the power to change the way people think about a specific topic. It has the power to call people to an action greater than themselves. And most importantly, it can do these things reaching a large amount of people very quickly. It’s like nothing anyone has witnessed before. Check out more functions of digital activism.

For me, I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself when I was in high school and that’s initially why I decided to join organizations like FCCLA. I wanted to give back and be apart of a purpose. And I don’t think I am speaking alone when I say that. I believe that several students want to do the same thing I did when I was in high school.

However, not all students have that opportunity to become digital activists. I was fortunate enough to go to high school in a small community where I got to experience several different heart-warming opportunities of giving back.

In order to encourage students to have a healthy, good, solid voice when they speak (or tweet) their opinions schools must encourage them! I think that schools need to have a way to let students become activists. Let them follow their passions and stick up for them. Let them encourage others and change their opinions.

Photo CC-By Glenn Halog

Give students the desire to become activists for a cause that they believe in and we could be surrounded by a lot of passionate individuals. And passion is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. I agree, we need to guide each student to use social activism to fuel their passions! A lot of times students lose intrest in school when there is no room for creativity or individuality. Social activism can empower students to stay focused and passionate about their interests!


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