Daily Create Days 4-11

Last week I posted my Daily Creates to twitter, but this week I wanted to share them on my blog for my viewers to see. Also, will be shared to Twitter 🙂 #diglitclass

July 3: Day 4 – Where do you do your daily creates?

Definitely at my desk! Next to all of my learning supplies 🙂


July 4: Day 5 – Defining Moment

Defining Moment

July 5: Day 6 – National Spend the Entire Day with Your Dogs Day


July 6: Day 7 – Young Me, Now Me

I used photo collage to create 🙂

Young Me Now Me

July 7: Day 8 – Name the Movie

Family goes on a road trip to Wally World and their dad makes them stop at every tourist attraction.

July 8: Day 9 – My Shadow


July 9: Day 10 – The Story Behind the Photo


A young man was in love. The kind of love you read about in fairy tales. So what does any man in love do? Create the perfect proposal of course. He decided (because the both loved an adventure) to take her out on a cruise and propose just as the sun was setting.

The two boarded the ship and he instantly began to feel a sense of anxiety over the proposal. After getting ready for the dinner he decided he needed some fresh air while his girlfriend finished getting ready.

He went to the edge of the dock and took out the ring to take a better glance at it and go over in his head what he would say.

And then the worst thing happened. The ring fell in to the water!

He quickly grabbed the nearest scuba gear and jumped in after it in search of the ring he had to put a downpayment on. Upon finding the ring he also made a new friend… who wanted to be… well… more than friends.

July 10: Day 11 – Poetry Reading



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