Google Yourself

Today, I spent some time online googling myself.

Basically being a total creep… on myself.

But I was interested to see what other people would see if they googled my name. The internet is a great place to share things, but it’s important that what we share on the internet is appropriate for all those who may be “creeping” on us. Especially for those who aspire to be educators, students will probably google you and creep… it’s in their nature. Future employers also will creep, they want to know who you are outside of the work environment to get to know you better.

So is creating a professional online appearance important… yes. Never underestimate the internet and its ability to pull things up of you that you didn’t even know existed.

It’s important to remember that what we post will never go away. In today’s era what we post can easily be screenshotted, saved, or even shared with others via messages. So while posting I always think about whether or not this is something that I am proud to share and I am okay with my grandma, future employers, or kids to read/view some day.

To the teens out there that post the party pictures, the raging status updates, or the unflattering images, etc. think about your future. It may seem cool to do now, but probably isn’t the best idea.

So anyways, after I googled myself some interesting things popped up.

First. I learned that there is apparently a song called “Flow Gently Sweet Afton” by Robert Burns. It’s a Scottish tune and i’m not Scottish actually Irish, but it was still a decent tune. So, basically that was what was listed there. My name is very unique so I wasn’t expecting too much information or images from other people named Afton. This song took up the majority of the space for images, videos, and information. I did listen to it… and you can too if you’d like. 🙂

However, I did have a few images that popped up of myself. I realized that they were images that have been my personal Twitter account profile picture. Though they weren’t bad pictures… just the average selfie and a few images with my boyfriend.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 1.49.02 PM.png
A screenshot of what appears in google images after typing in my name. I am in the second row, fourth and sixth from the left.

Even on my Twitter and Facebook profiles I believe that I have chosen only good things to share and post, which I am very glad I have done. Like I said, I’ve always been careful about what I post on my social media and online in general because I want to make a good, professional appearance for those creepers out there.

Google yourself and learn what things pop up of you. Are you proud of them?

Happy Creeping! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Google Yourself

  1. You have the same thoughts I do about my social media and social media in general. You really do have to think about what you post before you actually post it. I’m always thinking “will this be okay?” “who will look at this and what will they think?”. So I agree with your advice to teens out there, think before you post, because it’s not going away.


    1. Definitely. Especially during our college years, it’s important to be building a professional site and not a “party” site! Too often I see great, intellectual students who only post party pictures instead of posting their intelligence.

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