Taking Storytelling to a New Level

Podcasts and Digital storytelling are new to me. I’m learning so much and I love it.

There used to be the old fashioned way where a person actually had to read face-to-face with an audience… but now we have technology and there are new ways! I used to be the one to read to my stuffed animals (playing teacher of course) and it’s a difficult transition to move from that to downloading your voice onto a computer so others can hear you that way. But it’s interesting and well worth the learning experience.

New is exciting.

Photo CC-By Stuart Stevenson


This week I explored podcasts for the first time. Never in all of my education had I listened to a podcast before. Luckily, I did know what they were so it wasn’t a complete shock to me going into this learning experience.

However, I had no idea that a podcast could be so great for a learning experience. Though, after I began researching it, it became obvious to me that podcasts provide a different, more unique experience for students.

One thing that really stood out to me was the importance of listening to podcasts to improve student’s listening skills. In addition, I thought it was interesting that students could learn by listening to a podcast that’s two years above what the student could perform at reading on their own.

Podcasts also create a fun, different learning environment. Students get tired of reading out of the textbook and doing worksheets. Why not invite them to listen to a podcast and do an exercise with it instead?!

Photo CC-By Casey Fiesler

This week, I listened to a couple chapters of the Serial Podcast to get familiarized with the idea behind its learning experience. Let me tell you, I loved it so much I will definitely be continuing my listening! I’m going to be blunt, I thought that podcasts would be boring, though I was definitely proved wrong! Serial kept my interest.



I love being creative. I love when students are being creative. Digital storytelling offers a time for creativity! How cool?!

With digital storytelling a person is able to tell a story with pictures. So, similar to a podcast but with images! I love the idea of using digital story telling in my English Classroom. I find that students will like to use this idea for a change-up, rather than always using the same “write and essay” approach.

Digital storytelling is the future. It is fun and innovative. Learn about it!


I believe that if teachers choose wisely when finding podcasts or digital stories, he or she could potentially make a drastic difference in the learning opportunities that students have. Students will love the new opportunities to be connected with one another through this technology.

Let’s experiment and try something new… something fun! 🙂

Happy Learning!




4 thoughts on “Taking Storytelling to a New Level

  1. I agree- new is definitely exciting!! I hadn’t been exposed to the world of podcasts until this week either. I can now see how much I was missing out on! Serial is amazing. I’m not sure I can stop listening to it, to be honest. I can see students being interested in both podcasts and digital stories because it’s the type of learning field they are used to- technology. Loved your post! Enjoy Serial! 🙂


  2. I used to listen to audiobooks on my commute to work, but now I’m totally obsessed with podcasts–partly thanks to developing this class. I haven’t listened to Serial yet, but think I’m going to start in the fall when school is back in session.


    1. I also listen to audio books while I commute back and forth, but after I am finished with my book now I may have to convert to podcasts to see what all is out there and become more familiarized with it than I already am!


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