DS106: Something New… Something to Learn

Okay, this week has been a struggle as much as I hate to start my blog with those negative words. But I won’t lie – it has. I have had to research and complete technology tasks that I have never had to before! However, I’m still alive… and I’m loving this new technology stuff the more I work with it.

So let me break it down for the learners out there. DS106… What is it? Good question.

Photo CC-By Giulia Forsythe

History Lesson

DS106 is a course that began at the University of Mary located in Washington, at the beginning of the spring semester, in the year of 2010. The purpose of the course is to learn with digital story telling. The founder (Jim Groom) wanted individuals to learn freely about the opportunities that technology has been able to provide the world when it comes to all subjects!

Sounds cool and easy… right? Well it’s more complicated to the average student like me, who knows the average amount about technology, just enough to spend an average amount of time with it and using it.

My Learning Experience

I began my learning experience by simply scrolling through all of the tabs, links, videos, etc. on the ds106 website. I found that the course really is all about digital storytelling and it basically walks a person through all of the different ways, techniques, and tools people can use in order to do so.


Here is one of mine the first day I was challenged to create a story from a youtube video. I chose a clip from the learning show Magic School Bus as one can see it tells a quick story by glancing through the pictures. This literally took me like two minutes and I was done… so simple and easy!


One thing that I found to be really neat is the fact that it’s free. Yes you read that right… FREE. All of this learning is for free, so why not take advantage of the great opportunity to learn about how many more opportunities are out there in this technology world!

And yet another thing that provides a great learning experience are the people involved. It’s as though we are in our own little digital community… similar to the community I have been involved with the last couple of weeks on twitter using the #diglitclass. I learn a lot when I can look at examples of other people who are learning the same thing as I am.

Yes, at times it was a struggle, but I think it was because there is just so much to learn and so much information out there!

So, I have found that I like digital storytelling… and I will like it in the classroom even more!

Photo CC-By BHS Technology Classroom

Classroom Setting and Digital Storytelling

I love the fact that there are different ways to tell a story because we have digital devices to do so. Yes, I love the writing and yes it’s my favorite.

However, kids in the classroom enjoy doing something new… and learning something new. It’s interesting to them. So the fact that digital storytelling offers five different ways to tell a story (writing, photography, drawing, audio, video) is pretty neat.

I think in the classroom allowing students to create a digital story and sharing it on social media could be an easy, fun homework assignment… right 😉

I encourage all to continue their learning experience… and maybe check out ds106! 🙂



2 thoughts on “DS106: Something New… Something to Learn

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I think a course like ds106 invites us to see new possibilities in the classroom. We have a very few methods that we tend to use again and again for our students to learn and show us they’re learning. But there’s really no reason why students can’t create stories and artifacts to convey their learning in more creative ways and build cool tech skills at the same time!


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