We are not alone.

Educators are not alone.

Simple. We are NOT alone.

There are so many educators in the world that teach a variety of different subjects! The crazy thing is, is that we have the opportunity right here right now to connect with them!

Technology has opened new doors to new opportunities so we can connect with one another on a daily basis. Not just those who teach at the same school, but even those who teach across the state, across the nation, or sea!

So to the stressed-out teacher… you’re not alone. Take a first step search… PLN. This stands for Personal Learning Network.

Personal Learning Network. You need one.

Creating a personal learning network allows teachers to connect with colleagues, students, and parents. The power of connection is amazing! People can share information back and forth from their desktop or cell phone.

The online community can answer the unanswered questions. It creates an opportunity to connect with other experts to continue to learn from what they are saying. Following people who have the same views, ideas, and interests that we have is very important and of great value because it offers a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date on individual topics/issues.

However, it’s not just about getting the answers. As lifelong learners, we must also continue to give out answers as well. The online community is a two-way street. People learn and people teach.

It’s all about building the connections. So you’re not alone, build your own.

Build Your Own Network!

Do your best and learn from those around you far and near. Take other peoples thoughts and interests and build upon them. This world has so much learning potential when we give and take different ideas of what is working and what’s not working.

Teachers no longer have to go to several different workshops a year now because there is opportunity for them to learn right at their desks. How crazy is that?

Personal Experience

I know it will be a weird transition to begin to use this thing called technology on a daily basis, i’ll admit it’s hard to keep up sometimes. However, a little bit of effort every day goes a long ways.

In addition, it may seem overwhelming, but it gets easier.

I formed my personal learning network around general education because it’s one of my passions. One of the first steps I took in my journey was becoming comfortable enough to tweet and follow different individuals with my interests on twitter. I followed approximately 150 different educators, authors, experts, etc. The one problem I thought I would have would be filtering through all of the tweets; however, there are great tools to help!

Photo CC-By Lauren Randolph

Learning new things takes practice. One should never give up on a great opportunity to connect.

Teachers used to not have this great opportunity for connection, so why not take advantage of it right now? Connect with one another, share ideas the ones that work and even the ones that don’t.



4 thoughts on “We are not alone.

  1. I think this is one of the best takeaways for building a PLN: it means you won’t be alone as an educator. It can sometimes be challenging to find like-minded educators who share your beliefs and values especially if you’re working in a very small, isolated district, but if we turn our attention to teachers who are online, we can find hundreds of inspiring educators who are doing innovative, exciting things in their classrooms–most of whom are happy to connect with us if we reach out!


    1. I think that through my personal experience through my high school observation hours, I have found that there really is limited diversity in the smaller districts. So you’re right, being online gives an opportunity to seek something different! Thanks for the comment!


  2. First off, I’m honored to have my tweet embedded in this post. 🙂 Second, what an amazing post! I love your thoughts on PLNs, Afton. There is an entire population of professionals and fellow teachers out there willing to offer their help if we only ask. Just that thought alone makes me feel even more confident about being in my own classroom someday.


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