The Passionate Teacher

Passion. If you look up the word it’s defined in two ways.

First: Strong and barely controllable emotion.

Second: the suffering and death of Jesus.

What are your passions? Jesus had a passion – us. He was filled with an immense amount of passion for us to die for us. Jesus was even passionate about the murderers, rebels, and the thieves, he was passionate about Barabbas. He had passion and still does. Could you say the same about your passions… probably not. There is no comparison for the passion Jesus had for us and the passion that we have for ours.

Because we are not perfect like Jesus, we cannot possibly have that amount of passion in us. However, we can come close. We can have a barely controllable emotion about learning that becomes contagious to our students.

The power of passion is amazing. As teachers and lovers of learning we should be so passionate about what we are teaching that it becomes contagious to the students who hate the subject, but fall in love with it because of the passion we put into our teaching and attitude.

Jesus is the greatest teacher of all time and he had passion. So should we.

We are all teachers and learners. We teach our kids, siblings, nephews and nieces, our friends etc. But are we passionate about it? Do we make them interested in what we have to teach?

In education are we teaching to check off the standards or teaching because we love learning and want our students to love it, too.

A passionate teacher will be more remembered and loved than a teacher that comes to the classroom simply for the paycheck. Think about it, Jesus is one of the most popular teachers in all of history – he had passion.

“Infect your students with passion and they’ll never be able to contain it again!”

How true is this statement… and the entire article if you read it (worth it by the way). The author relates the idea that teachers must produce a passion-based curriculum for the students’ interests to relate to them easily.

Jesus did the same thing. He taught in parables that related to His followers so they easily understood His message.

There are so many ways out there to ignite a learners heart on fire for something. We must give them the opportunity to do so, though. The best part about this world is that there are so many things to be passionate about.

Photo CC-By Derrick Chow

A recent article I read gives 25 ways to institute passion in the classroom. One that stood out to me was to value all passions.

Jesus values all of us as individuals. Are we doing the same?

Create a room full of passionate learners. Create friends who are passionate learners. Create a world full of passionate learners. What a joyful environment you would be surrounded with every day if you did.

It’s no surprise that when you type in the word Passion there are two different definitions. Jesus is the Passionate Teacher and we should strive to be like him in all ways. He’s amazing.


2 thoughts on “The Passionate Teacher

  1. Afton, I can always feel your passion and love for both Christ and education in all your writing and it amazes and inspires me. The whole time I was researching and reading about passion-based education, not once did the Passion of Christ cross my mind, but you’re right, He was the ultimate teacher and a role model for us all. Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did take a little bit of a different approach to this blog than our classmates, but it’s what i’m passionate about, so I decided to roll with it! Thank you Maryanne for the nice comment 🙂


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