Independent Learning Project

Over the next several weeks I am devoting some of my time to learning about something that interests me. Which, of course, the most interesting thing in my life to me is Jesus and the life has called me to have. So, i’m exploring new learning possibilities and will be blogging about my experiences here.

It’s amazing to me what happens when we put a little extra time and energy into something we care about. It’s like tending to a garden, the more you nurture it the better the produce will be.

Photo CC-By Norbert Meissner


So it is with life long learning, the more we learn the more we can utilize what we have learned. As my independent learning project I have decided to continue to learn about Jesus through the teachings of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, books, and of course, the Bible. It amazes me how much information is out there and how little I have taken advantage of this opportunity.

The more we seek to know Him, the more we will know him. So I think dedicating my time and energy to Him for another four plus hours a week should be a great learning experience. I am excited to see what lies ahead of me on my journey and what I will learn that I did not previously know. Or, maybe I will stumble upon something I had learned previously, but forgotten about.

In addition, I’m so thankful to even be given the opportunity to learn. Often times I think we take the learning experiences we have for granted or simply walk through the motions of the learning process and forget that learning is important. Without learning something new every day, life is boring.

As a future educator I think one of the most beneficial thing we can do is teach our students to make a goal list. There have been several studies that show that those who write out their goals have a higher success rate. So here are my goals for this independent learning project over the course of the next several weeks.


  1. Know Jesus… more.
  2. Read at least two books that align with my learning project (to be picked out later this week).
  3. Grow as a learner in Christ.

I want to push myself to learn something extraordinary. As a life long learner, passionate disciple of the One Lord, and eager student I am diving headfirst into this learning project. There may be a few bumps in the road, but I will get through them.

Time to grab the coffee cup, fill it full, and let His blessings pour out of this learning experience through my reading materials.

Photo CC-By Jonathan Thursfield

6 thoughts on “Independent Learning Project

  1. I love your ILP and your approach to it! I believe everyone has a belief in their purpose on earth and the fact that they are all different is fascinating to me. I am excited to follow your thoughts as you explore your faith and look deeper into Catholic church. Way to pick a topic that will impact you for years and years!

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  2. I’m so glad you’ve found a project that really speaks to you. Smart words here on setting goals. We often feel more successful when we can measure what we’re doing. And it’s easier to start when we have a clear direction to head.

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  3. Afton,
    I like your ILP. It is a great thing to be passionate and want to learn more about. I am glad that you are willing to take the steps to get closer to God. He truly is great and deserves every bit of praise and recognition. I like that you have solid goals set for yourself to help you along the way as it gives you a clear focus. I think you are right in that we often take learning for granted. Learning is very beneficial for us and like you said, it keeps life from being boring because every day we can choose to take that step and learn something new. I am curious to see which books you choose to read!


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