Every Kid Needs a Champion Teacher.

“Those who can do, those who can’t teach.”

There are so many things wrong with this statement. Those who can certainly do and probably had the encouragement from a teacher in the background, but the career of a teacher IS the most important career there is. I can say this without hesitation because educators hold the future. Educators spend more time with students than some of their parents, educators feed the kids who don’t eat breakfast, they’re supporters, encouragers, they have the power to crush dreams or help students create dreams. Teachers are important, it’s not an easy career, it’s not a career because “nothing else worked out”.

Everyone reading this has been affected by a teacher or a mentor at some point. A teacher can make a difference. There are good ones and there are some bad ones.

Rita Pierson stresses the importance in her recent TED Talk video of relationships in the classroom, “Though you won’t like them all, the key is they can never ever, ever know. So teachers become great actors and actresses and we come to work when we don’t feel like it and we listen to policy that doesn’t make sense. And we teach anyways.”

Teaching and learning is joyful and should bring joy. She states, “Every child deserves a champion to encourage students to be the best that they can be.” Educators are born to make a difference in the world and often times are a child’s champion.

It’s true that kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.

Relationships in the classroom are important. A teacher must discover a student’s interests and dislikes, what he or she is good and bad at, where a student needs encouragement. And the remarkable thing is that teachers don’t have one student to worry about, or five, they have a full classroom of about thirty. Think about that. Thirty students that a teacher must care for and love like their own child. Thirty students that they must build a relationship with.

Relationships do not develop over the course of a day. It often times takes several days. Though after the relationship has been built, a teacher can make a student that feels like a nobody feel like a somebody. Each year a teacher goes through the same process of getting to know another person’s child. Each year a teacher revisits his or her “old” children that have passed through her classroom. And often times, students will come back to the teacher that gave them their power. That’s powerful. Teaching is powerful.

So when someone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, I can confidently say an educator. Our job is not easy. Our job has it’s ups and downs. Yes, we will take our work home with us and worry about each of our children. BUT we get to be the champion for our future generations, and we get to build up champions and see them succeed as a somebody. That’s remarkable.

Create a champion. Photo CC-By Kris Ceuppens

Those who can, teach – it’s not for everyone.



2 thoughts on “Every Kid Needs a Champion Teacher.

    1. I think I will also watch it every year, because it is very powerful. TED talks are something easy that we can share with each other to continue to inspire us! We all need a little motivation and boost sometimes when we hit a rut. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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